MyRing - Ring Contraceptive App Reviews

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Best there is

Ive used several different apps to track birth control and this is the best one to track the nuvaring


Very happy with it


Works great and reminds me when to remove and insert my ring.


Just what I was looking for!

It does the job !!!

I would like the layout of the app to be a little more update and to have options to make changes. Youre not able to do much with the app. It would be great if it was similar to menstrual trackers where youre able to add comments, moods and symptoms through out the month just to keep a record of how you feed while on birth control.

Awesome except one detail

This app is very spot on with helping for the average nuvaring cycle. However, not all users allow for a menstruation week each month. Some wait every three months before taking a menstruation week, and there is no option for that. If that could be added, this app would be five stars. Until then, the app is unable to correctly follow my schedule. (In case Im confusing, basically every 3 weeks for 3 months I skip the menstruation week. This is currently not an option in the app therefore its helpless in my situation.) Please change this so I can use it! :)

Straightforward but little customization

It does what it says on the box - a daily countdown to when you need to take out/put in the ring. It gives you a little message when the time comes. You can pick how long you want to keep the ring out, but the option is for anywhere from 3-7 days. It doesnt allow you to select zero, which is a bummer because there are a lot of women (myself included) who only take it out for a week a couple times a year. I wish theyd add that option. Thats really the only thing its missing.


I forget everything but this makes sure I know exactly when to put it in and take it out. Its also not very bold in my phone so people dont question the app!


I like the app, however I dont like that I cant set the break to 0 it only is 2 and up. Other than that great.

Not consistent with Nuva Ring instructions

The reminders are not consistent with specific Nuva ring instructions to remove and insert the ring on the SAME DAY of the week.

Not the best

Wouldnt let me choose my desired ring insert date.

Does the job

Ive tried several of these reminder apps for using nuvaring and so far this is the best one Ive tried. I wish the app had more features but other then that I like it.

The date format

I wish the date format could be changed to MM/DD/YYYY. Otherwise, the app serves its purpose! I appreciate the ability to track my ring because I would definitely forget.


Its a very basic calendar that keeps track of when to put in/take out your ring. It sends you a reminder text when you have to do one of those things. It does what it needs to but I wish I could do more. If they every want to do an update (seeing as how I paid for this) I would love for it to help me track my flows, track when Im ovulating and keep a general log. Over all its a calendar that does the math for you so its alright.

It did not remind me to put a new ring in!

Even though I had the notifications on and set everything right, it did not remind me to put my ring back in. In fact, when I looked in the app by chance, I noticed that it basically "assumed" that I have already put in a new ring. Super useless! I do not recommend this app at all!


This app does exactly what they advertise ! Made especially for Nuva ring users. The design is simple and customizable(with color)

A must

So helpful! I simply indicated the time I started my first ring and the app took it from there :) A must for nuvaring users.

Terrible app!

Dont buy, it has no functions at all and design is ugly


I recommend this app for anyone with the Nuva Ring. It keeps me perfectly on schedule. I love the way it is set up, the homepage is a countdown and then there is a calendar to see the bigger picture.


Loved this app and the tracking days for your ring inserts. I happen to hate the nuvaring itself considering I got pregnant on it, didnt know and had a miscarriage. So this isnt as effective as people say!

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